Last August 13, an interesting night filled with fluttering conversations about art appreciation and business. The hosts for the night introduced Troy Sadler, Managing Director of Art Works Singapore, where the floor was given to him to begin sharing his expertise about art investment.

He started sharing about his roots: from migrating to the United States from Australia where he grew up, studied and worked in a country club where he got to build his connections with a lot of famous personalities. From there, he became acquainted with artists and producers which gave him his tickets to many exhibitions and eventually even came to help out with these exhibitions. This was the moment where his eyes were opened and immediately glued on to the world of art and art business.

With China being the driver in the last 15-20 years pushing global sales to astronomical new heights, in 2007, Troy decided to move to Hong Kong to get closer to the booming Asian Art market.

He then defined contemporary art and differentiated it from modern art, a term people usually confuse it with. To him, contemporary art is the art of our lifetime from the late 60s to 70s onwards while modern art is rooted way back from the 80s. A huge portion of the global record sale amounting to 67.4 billion sales of art is composed of contemporary art in 2018-2019.

The conversation then built up to the discussion of Art Works business model which consists of 2 parts: investment and commercial. On the investment side, Art Works focuses on mid-career artists. The commercial side includes curating art pieces for hotels and resorts, interior design services, and corporate leasing. Corporate leasing is when the gallery leases out a piece of art from a renowned artist for a corporate office.

Through Art Works, Troy works to educate people about art business strategy and let people understand the value of art pieces.

A few of the famous artists that work with Troy in Art Works are Lincoln Townley, Danny Minnick and Ma Dongmin.

To learn more about the discussion, watch the entire webinar here


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