On the evening of the 25th, an interesting hour and a half worth of conversation about how Digital Globalization is relevant now more than ever in this “New Normal” also known as the post-COVID19 world happened. Our guest speaker, Mohit Lalvani, CEO and Founder of 1 Play Sports Pte. Ltd, shared the strategy model behind 1 Play Sports. by mentioning that 1 Play Sports provides a solution providing a platform to cover the gap in the market, particularly for schools and grassroots sports events – the unsung and unheard local heroes.

Unlike most sports channels, they have a gender-neutral audience, almost 50% are women, making their channel a more attractive brand sponsors that are usually unfamiliar in the sports broadcast industry.

There are 3 key strategic levers in 1 Play Sports: Growth of daily average users, Monetisation, and Value Creation.

He further explained how the growth of daily average users comes from IP ownership, content creation and market development.

Monetization currently comes from content creation, brand solution and media licensing. However, they are evolving through time and are moving to a new monetization model with a lower variable cost as shown during the webinar. Lastly, they create Value Creation by investing in growth. Their ecosystem enhances shareholder value by user growth, frequency, data and revenue.

Mohit also shared the different businesses they have worked with, including the Ministry of Education (MOE), and the different levers they have provided to them.

In the Q&A section, Mohit shared the different types of sports events that 1 Play Sports focuses on.

If you are interested to learn more about the webinar, watch the entire video here

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