We were lucky enough to have been graced with the presence of empowered and influential people to join us in this webinar. All the way from Malta, we have the Director of Arcus Estates, Mr. Giovanni Gauci, and Senior Lawyer at Chetcuti Cauchi, Dr. Antoine Saliba Haig, joining us as speakers of this webinar. Ms. Charlene Kwok, Regional Director (Asia) at Chetcuti Cauchi, joined us as a local speaker.

Ms. Charlene kickstarts the webinar by introducing Chetcuti Cauchi to the audience as the top tier law firm serving successful entrepreneurs business families and their advisors around the globe in both English and Mandarin.

The floor then was given to Giovanni where a beautiful video of Malta followed by a quick slide of facts about Malta was shown to the participants. Interestingly, in Malta they have 2 official languages which is English and Maltese.

Giovanni then shared a few ideas supporting why Malta is the ideal Business Location for us. From having a pro-business government to being well connected with the rest of the of Europe and the world, Giovanni further elaborated that Malta was one of the 2 jurisdictions that did not experience any regression during the 2008 financial crisis.

The microphone was then passed on to Dr. Antoine where he shares with us about the different Malta programmes available: the Malta Golden Visa Programme & the NEW Malta Investment Migration Programme. He mentioned the eligibility criteria and benefits of each program.

Malta’s Golden Visa programme was launched in 2015 and legally known as the Malta Residence & Visa Program which gives the applicants and their family a Malta permanent residency and entitles them a Schengen and European union member state.

The previous Malta Citizenship by Investment Programme has already reached its quota of 1800 applicants and therefore the government is not accepting anymore applicants for that program. However, the government will be launching a similar program called the Malta Investment Migration Programme with a quote of 1500 applicants for the duration of the programme to be launched by September or October this year.

The mic was passed back to Giovanni where he talked about the different property projects available in Malta which the audience can purchase. Giovanni said there is one popular question that people always ask him “Which property should I choose?” and he would reply “It depends on what you want.”

Malta is divided into the North, South, Central and Gozo. Gozo is a small island up north of Malta. These are the locations available in Malta.

Interested to learn more about what transpired during the webinar? Watch the entire presentation here:


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