An interactive conversation between David and Davy with the audience as both share their different point of views about the market. The audience also shares what they believe in and share their input on the topic.

Jamie started the conversation by introducing both speakers, David and Davy, and first asked David what is his outlook for the economy in the months ahead.

David suggests that there is a global debt crisis which might trigger the next part of the current recession and SMEs are going under and bankrupt.

Davy suggests that a lot of statistics are negative. SGD has depreciated against USD. However, gold has gone up.

Davy shares that he thinks adaptability is a way to go through the crisis which David agrees.

On the question about what the public will need to look out for.
For the next 2-3 years ahead, David thinks effectively rebalancing portfolios must be done.
While Davy shares the megatrend to look out for, for the next 5-10 years.

In this crisis, Davy feels that 80 percent of the population will be negatively affected. He stresses that to be 20 percent of the population who succeeds by using information. David suggests understanding what is happening for the next 4 years in this global event.


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