Participants, mostly local entrepreneurs, gained insights into how to expand their reach thanks to Brickstone Club’s business and investment webinar series featuring fintech firm Dodoca’s online platform, SG Pavilion.

The talk focused on how SG Pavilion works like a virtual marketplace where local businesses can grow their distribution network exponentially. This WeChat-powered platform is quicker, more flexible, and inclusive which makes it easier for SG-based businesses to reach out to potentially millions of Chinese clients.

The business-savvy audience also learned about SG Pavilion’s use of three-tier marketing where referrals and consumers receive benefits in the form of commission or rebate when transactions take place.

The webinar ended with marketing perspectives on China and how Dodoca’s platform could be the gateway to reach a vast market of existing WeChat users. Cross-border transactions are honoured in this platform.

Fintech-inclined participants were also treated to a quick presentation on IMDA’s Grow Digital Program. Just like Dodoca, SMEs can score financial support via this program to launch their own fintech initiatives.

Grow your business when you register in Brickstone Club’s on-going business and investment webinar series. More about how to be a Brickstone Club member HERE.


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