The pandemic season has placed a lot of dreams on hold. It’s high time to gain the upper hand. Join us while we talk business over coffee!

Brickstone Club has assembled a few business founders to inspire you to get back up again and pursue your ultimate goals. Learn about how they surpassed challenges and their best practices. Find out what they’ve been doing to keep their businesses going despite how unnerving the times are!

On this webinar, The Speakers are:

1. Desmond from DesFran
2. Benjamin Chong
3. Patrick from Fortis Law
4. Fan Yafu from X Academy
5. Aaghir Yadav from Creative Insurgence / The Marketing Group / Chimichanga
6. Ian Gan from SEED Ventures

Prospective members can know more about the Brickstone Club and ultimately sign up to be a member HERE.

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