Brickstone Club members were treated to a Mosanco afternoon in the club’s latest episode of its Eat Well, Live Well webinar series.

Mosanco is a growing lifestyle company with a huge pool of consumers in Singapore. They are currently expanding their portfolio to cater to different business service lines to further increase their customer pool.

It is particularly popular for its Mosanco Tea. Featured speaker, co-founder and Mosanco CTO Jasper Chan Guo Zhong, recommended to drink tea every after meal since their healthy beverage is known to promote healthier blood sugar intake. By making tea breaks a habit, you will better stabilise blood sugar levels and regulate calorie absorption.

With Mosanco having its own dedicated research and development team, consumers are assured that they get quality products every time. The company is going full throttle in its food and beverage direction especially with the opening of its very own Enchanted Cafe.

Mosanco is currently available in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand & South Korea.

Taste the Mosanco difference when you get their tea at 20% off at the Brickstone Club e-commerce store!

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