What are your plans for April 2020? Whatever they are, make sure you don’t miss out on what’s out there. Time to get up, get active, and get going!

That’s exactly what GoLivMo aims to do for you.

GoLivMo is a one-stop activity-booking platform that satisfies your desire for adventure. It’s where you get to be re-introduced to all the thrills and excitement that life has to offer. Easy and seamless, GoLivMo’s focus is on YOU living your best life.

Take a look at a few activities that GoLivMo has in store for April 2020!


How many of you can boast that you have swung an axe at something? Not too many. Well, here’s your chance.

Test your marksmanship by learning how to throw an axe in a safe and enclosed space. You will be accompanied by a professional and veteran axe thrower (yes, there is such a person) and will be taught about the proper and safest way to throw an axe at a target.

By the time the hour is up, you’ll be an axe-throwing master!

Drive a Supercar

Ever wanna be like Tony Stark or Bruce Wayne for the day? Enjoy all the billionaire feels with your very own supercar.

Imagine driving into a hip party in a fiery-red Ferarri. You’ll be the talk of the town!

Trying to impress your date? An Italian supercar will definitely seal the deal. Change vehicles all you want without having to worry about maintenance and parking. Now that’s the high life!

Rentals are flexible with 15, 30, and 60-minute options.

Fight with Fire

Here’s the closest thing to becoming a real-life hero! Be a firefighter for a day and live life in their shoes on this free tour. View their equipment and get the opportunity to slide down via emergency poles.

This one-hour event is open every Saturday with two-time slots to choose from: 9am or 10am. Children are most welcome!

Get out

If you are heading out of the country, don’t miss out on these activities that are available on the site as well!

Live more with LivMo. Be a Brickstone Club member and get exclusive alerts on the latest events from LivMo. Click HERE to find out how.


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