Members of Brickstone Club and Ultima toasted to the success of its first-ever Wine Masterclass held on February 5, 2020, at the Podium.

This exclusive gathering put the spotlight on Sustainable Natural Organic Biodynamic Wines (SNOB) carried by the Straits Wine Company both on their brick-and-mortar outlets and their online store.

The fully-packed room of oenophiles was treated to a carefully curated selection of SNOB wines. Among them were New Zealand’s Babich Marlborough Sauv Blanc 2019; Australia’s Ochota Barrels Slint Chardonnay 2017; France’s Chx Nerthe CDP 2015; Speri Ripasso Valpolicella Classico 2017; and Spain’s Valencisco Reserva 2012.

Based in Singapore and Malaysia, popular Southeast Asia wine importer, the Straits Wine Company, is currently the only wine shop that offers a wide selection of SNOB wines. Sustainable wines are made on vineyards that employ sustainable farming practices such as solar power utilisation, waste reduction, recycling, and biodiversity encouragement. Natural wines are those that underwent very minimal handling and processing. Organic wines are those that are sourced from grapes that were never introduced to synthetic pesticides or chemical herbicides. Finally, biodynamic wines are created from biodynamic vineyards. Farming processes in these vineyards view the entire world as essential parts in the winemaking process and should neither be harmed nor abused. This further means no synthetic chemicals or growth stimulants.

“It was a wonderful night to know more about wines, especially those that are made with the Earth in mind, “ said Calvin Thng, founder of Brickstone Club. “Choosing the perfect wine is truly an art that goes well beyond taste. Knowing this and the value of SNOB wines can make us not only educated connoisseurs but, more importantly, responsible and conscientious wine consumers.”

Wine Masterclass is just one of the many events exclusively offered to members of Ultima and Brickstone Club. Prospective members can know more about the Brickstone Club and ultimately sign up to be a member HERE.


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